Ascend has extensive experience in tendering.

Our team has developed, prepared and submitted over 150 bespoke tender submissions across England and Wales with an impressive 90%+ success rate.

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We have supported existing providers and new entrants into the market and comprehensively won single and multi contracts.

Working in partnership with different businesses, healthcare providers and individuals, we have successfully secured 5 years contracts worth between £500,000 to £750,000 each and 7+3 years contracts, totalling £10 million plus over the life of the contract.

Ascend provides a unique, bespoke tendering service, tailored to each individual business or healthcare provider. Each written tender reflects the businesses distinct, innovative service offering and is underpinned by our extensive knowledge of patient pathways, clinical governance and bureaucratic structures.

Pivotal to our success is our team’s invaluable skill set. Our first-hand experience of NHS commissioning, business management and procurement combined with our finance, clinical governance and HR expertise ensures quality tender submissions every time.

The Tendering Process

Ascend is highly skilled at navigating practices through the tendering process which is both complex and competitive.

Before you even commit to this process, we’ll help you to evaluate criteria such as:

• Does your practice fall within the NHS Commissioners, local council, NHS Trust or Contracting Authority’ lot boundary?
– If not, should you buy/lease a property or rent business space?

• Do you have financial trading history to demonstrate your viability?
– If not, what should you do?

• Do you have the necessary key players in your workforce already?
– If not, should you recruit?

It is then essential to understand how to align your service with the tendering organisation’s preferred bidder criteria and position your practice correctly. We can show you how. Covering both the technical/quality and financial evaluation, we’ll guide you through the core areas including:

  • Premises/location
  • Clinical Governance
  • financial viability
  • IM&T
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Communication and Exit Management Strategies
  • Patient pathway
  • Mobilisation
  • Stakeholder/patient engagement

A tender can vary from 2,500-5,000 words or up to 20-30,000 words (plus supporting attachments) and is usually submitted 4-8 weeks after the release of the ‘Invitation to Tender’. It requires supporting documentation such as policies, mobilisation plans, workforce structures and financial reports. Ascend will advise you on additional information to make you stand out from your competitors.

We will work closely with you, assigning a Client Lead as a single point of contact while drawing on our wide-ranging areas of expertise to create a unique, innovative and high quality tender submission.

If you would rather focus on the day to day running of your practice and save yourself valuable time, money and stress, then contact us for more information on our tending service.


Once your business has been awarded an NHS or supplier contract, Ascend can continue to support you throughout mobilisation. We will help ensure that your business/practice is fully compliant and operational by the contract start date, preventing any delays in opening.

If you are the current provider of a contract e.g. NHS, there will still be complex contract transition arrangements to navigate. With our expertise in NHS commissioning, we can help you to formalise these with the Contracting Authority and ensure a smooth transition.

Ascend is experienced in all aspects of mobilisation and can tailor a bespoke package to suit your requirements.

Allow Ascend to remove the stress of NHS Tendering for you and your practice.